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Lunchtime Yoga

with Kylie Denis

12:00 BST, 20 September - 1 October - Every Work Day
Our Beginner’s Yoga Series is a free course for anyone to break up their work day with a quick movement session hosted by Kylie Denis. The series has been developed with hectic WFH schedules in mind, so you and your team can squeeze in a quick 30 minute yoga session just before lunch.

Past Events


What is a strong vision & why is it so important for businesses?

With Yssine Matola & Eva Evangelou

9th March at 18:00 GMT
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Employee Benefits for a
new working world

By Eva Evangelou

11th April at 14:00 GMT
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Webinar Recordings


Workplace Webinars: Preventing Employee Burnout in a Covid World

Employee wellbeing, mental health and burnout are important topics at the moment, with so many people working from home and the
17 Jun at 08:54:17
Sally Hetherington

Workplace Webinars: Resilience and Coping with Change

We recently hosted a webinar on workplace resilience and coping with change, particularly in these challenging times. 
21 Jan at 07:00:00
Sally Hetherington

Workplace Webinars: Why You Need Gamification to Engage Employees

Have you run out of ideas on how to engage your remote employees during the UK’s 2nd lockdown? Motivation and productivity levels among
13 Nov at 10:09:00
Amy Roberts

Workplace Webinars: Employee Engagement in the Post-Covid World

We recently hosted our first webinar featuring leading people experts to discuss employee wellbeing in the post-covid world.
08 Oct at 05:51:20
Amy Roberts